Designed and manufactured by hand in Switzerland, all the way through the value chain SwissKubik winders are the product of the expertise which is naturally derived from the country’s watchmaking industry. We apply the same requirements to our products as the most prestigious watchmaking brands.

In the same way, our 100% Swiss-made watch winders are designed and manufactured by hand with the greatest care to showcase your watches and protect their movement. Essential accessories for all watch lovers, our watch winders are recommended by the most prestigious Swiss houses. They are a natural complement to your watch, guaranteeing its durability by ensuring that its mechanisms are never interrupted. Indeed, to ensure precision and prolong its life, an automatic watch must always be in motion. Customisable to meet your needs, our watch winders are decorated in an innovative or classic way, always using the finest materials. With elegance and modernity, they match your watch depending on its shape, colour or strap material. Decorative objects in their own right, they allow you to see your watch working. They are high-precision objects that provide your watch with the care it deserves when you place it in your safe.

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